Falaka - Bastonade - chastisement and punishment - high quality spanking clips from Diseno Media HPS - the producer of pain4fem
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Our video clips range in length from 2 to about 5 minutes.

They are in mp4 format with a size of 720 x 576 or 400 x 320 pixels, have up to 4000Kbit/sec quality.

Clips are exclusive to the Falakaonline site.
All clips are downloadable.
All our clips are--and will be--in-house productions from Diseno Media HPS, the same folks who bring you premium spanking movies under the Pain4fem label and clips under Spankingserver.

The Falakaonline site will never use any clips from other producers. Diseno Media shoots its films either at its permanent studios in Slovakia or in other foreign locales.

We don't send you any undesirable e-mails; we will not give, sell, trade or otherwise disclose your e-mail address to any third party; and we do not use intrusive cookies.

We value our members´ privacy and will keep all of your personal data - including your credit card information - completely confidential and under strict access controls. As our on-line payment processor we have chosen Inet-cash, a company with a worldwide reputation for integrity and security.

All video clips are the exclusive property of Diseno Media HPS and will never be offered to any other web sites for any reason. Should they ever be seen there, those sites will be in violation of copyright law.

All the clips in our Members Area have the same high quality as the previews shown in the Visitors Area. We do NOT try to entice you to join by showing you clips of a higher quality than our standard product, which is always at the highest technological level.

We cannot disclose personal information about our models, such as e-mail addresses or other means of contacting them, due to contractual agreements.

All of our models are at least 18 years old and participate willingly in our productions.

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